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What is this site about?

Hi there,

My name is Diego Cobián, I am a resident of Burnaby, BC, Canada,

[ and you can reach me for any question at d.cobian@outlook.com ]

How all this came about ?

This all started when in 2015 I invited some members of my family to visit me in Vancouver, after 20 years living in Canada, and their visitor´s visa application was denied. Frustrating that it was, I started asking to our canadian embassy in Habana and my own MP, at that time NDP Kennedy Steward, the reasons for the denial of the Visitor’s visa. The truth can´t be more disappointing. Basically because they are poor, from a 3rd world country, high risk and possible immigrants. In two words, they are second class visitors with no money, so my family won’t classify to visit Canada.

Unfair that our goberment was with its decision, I started a petition to our Parliament ( you can visit the petition here : E-1591 ), thinking that many other immigrants like me could had been on the same situation and they are. The petition was supported with around 45 signatures at the time it expired. It was never brought to our Parliament’s attention. My family still has not visitor’s visa and I am going to another country to meet my syster and brother after 20 years of not seem each other, living 4 hours away.

But that is ok, I only have a chequing account to show off.

From there I realized that we, the citizens of this country, we prefer a lazy political life and we failed again and again to hold our MPs accountable, as well as supporting a system of goverment that allows our MPs, and MLA for that matter, to simply scratch their campaign promise on our noses and represent the interest and future of their parties and just ignore his or her constituences.

This website is to keep account of my political demands as citizen and I encourage you to do the same. Our voice and demands can’t be ignored and been a playground for political life.

You can read my communication with our MPs about different subejcts or the Diary of this website and what is going on. Hope you can join me to fight for the future of Canada.


It is very important that we raise our voice and demand from our elected officials a expedite and clear answer to our problems. For same issues or for any other matter, here I give you an ABC on how to create your own e_petition and bring it to your local MP’s attention. Is not that complicated and I will show you how it works. If we don’t care how Canada is administrated, we don’t have any right to claim on what kind of country we and family want to believe in.

I would like to apologize for my English, is not my first language, Spanish is.