Canadian Embassy in Habana

From: []
Sent: May 13, 2016 09:02
Subject: FW: my family

Dear Mr.:

Once a decision is made, the file is closed.  There is no legal authority for the officers to review or reopen finalized decisions. If the applicant feels that she/ he has additional information that may convince a visa officer that she will leave Canada, she/he may submit a new application and pay a new processing fee.


Immigration Section / Section de l’Immigration 24  

From: Diego Cobian []
Sent: May-13-16 2:35 AM
To: HAVAN ( G)
Subject: my family


Guys, you won’t let my family that I haven’t see for 14 years visit me in Canada.


What can I do to convince you that I am a good citizen in this country?


Does my family has any criminal records or anything that concerns you, other that we are not rich?


We imported recently 250 000 refugees from the middle east and you can’t afford to let my family visit Canada for 1 month?


Tell me what do I need to do to reverse this type of decisions?


You denied my sister and my brother to visit me last year and now to my older sister. You asked me not to visit my country of origin but why I can’t see my family?


Please answer when you can.



Diego Cobian