Diary of this site

( So here is how it evolves, Step by Step. Our representatives can’t claim their don’t know after you let them what is important for you right?… Hope it helps. )


Letting NDP know that they don’t have my vote or support in their by-elections.

Jagmeet Singh

Letting Elizabeth May knows how dissapointed I am with her decision of not running a candidade in the by-elections of Burnaby South, my ride.

Elizabeth May ( GP – BC )


I heard yesterday the story of Taha El Taha on CBC as it happens, the asylum seeker that discovered it has cancer. The government denying of  his family to be with him  is not only incomprehensible is also unfair and opportunistic. It seems like they ( the government ) see immigration as a one way tool for long term gain and tax revenue but that doesn’t include our right to see or invite our family. We live under a democracy and we should enjoy it, but not try to change it. How many stories dripping from the ink that Ahmed saved from his pen. How indifferent can be Robert, Michele and Jenny?




I had been busy with my own work but keeping an eye on the petition. Last weekend I answer a very interesting email from somebody that apparently had a petition opened for signatures in the past. ( silon is his email ). He mentioned to me that when the government get inconvenient petitions the signatures for some reason never goes UP. Hopefully the House of Commons is not manipulating the signatures buy in any case, it is disappointing that somebody have those doubts about our government. In any case, something to keep in mind. It is clear that this is not on the government agenda and we, the ones that elected them are for them a sort of inconvenient truth, but cheating always make everyone involved a looser.


Out of the blue, I received an email from Ahmed’s office about the petition. Unfortunately it was the formal and expected defense of the current rules, hopefully he would like to do something about it, I am not expecting less from him. But one thing is clear, the petition is knocking doors already, earlier that what I expected.



When to check flyers around the city. Many community boards are renewed by the end of the month and others are every Sunday. So far not too many hits. Vancouver Library and Libraries in general had been a big disappointment. They don’t want to participate promoting petitions to parliament, or at least not this one.

I had been sending tweets, trying to call attention over the petition, specially other immigrant groups like Filipinos and Indus. Feedback is not very good so far. Is very easy on tweeter to filter groups by using the search. Just use OR and/or AND in between required words for the search.



Some emails from Filipinos friends arrived today. One big problem is that people don’t even know what a petition is and how it works. They sent me their emails thinking that i can sign for them. I replied every single one, asking to sign. we will see.

By asking for volunteer to distribute flyers on every city, using facebook, many emails comeback asking for more details. Today somebody from an account called The Central Scrutinizer  sent me a list of fair points of why this petition makes not sense. On every case I have to reply explaining what is the goal of the petition. usually they won’t reply back, probably just move on with other issues.


Only 16 signatures, if everybody that promise to sign it will, we should have one thousand by now. It was very clear from the beginning that it will be difficult but it was very clear also that is just a starting point of a bigger conversation.

Jenny Kwan office replied to my request for her signature with a banner on top of the petition, advertising that they won’t and can’t sign the petition. Is very sad I can’t count with the support of our officials for something so important to me.

This is how the new banner looks like :

Please note that e-mail addresses from the Government of Canada may not be used to create, support, or sign an e-petition.

You can read my answer to her banner on Jenny’s email communication, They could if they want to, use their private emails, but even the office of my own MP, Kennedy; they helped me to put the petition together and correct my poor English, but yesterday I went to his office, asking for any additional resources to advertise the petition and they can’t care less, maybe that is how it works. That, together with the limit of 150 words for online petitions, should be a subject for another petitions in the future.


I have been banned for Facebook and Canadian Visa websites for spanning. I have been using the libraries resources to put my flyer on their community boards. If you send your flyers from a opened for signature petition to the main library on Vancouver or Edmonton for example, they will distribute it for you. Some other libraries on Surrey or Langley or Richmond, BC, did not want to participate. I guess they are not under any obligation. My friends in Toronto are doing a very good job helping. Some other friends on Montreal are also very interested, but I know how difficult it is to move people to do anything. Now I need to find my way into the Hindu community here in BC. Wish me luck.


Our Senate has a Human Rights committee, I sent the petition to let them know two days ago to each of its members. Curious enough, there is not an immigration committee. I also sent it to the Foreign Affairs committee, so far nobody answered.