Original e_Petition

This is the original e_petition to our Parliament. It is intended to bring to the attention of our Parliament an issue that is unfair, discriminatory and is affecting many of us. This petition propose a mechanism for all residents in this country to be able to invite our family and friends to visit us in Canada without been stopped at our borders by our government, requesting form our relatives topics that are for them impossible to achieve,  like asking them to cover their expensive or if they have previous traveling history. In my case for example, most of my family probably had never been on an airplane, they live mostly from $100.00 a month that I sent them to cover the very basic, don´t have any properties to show off and non of those details disqualify them to be my family.

This petition ask for a fear and real evaluation of our relatives when applying to travel to Canada, to consider legitime the intentions expressed on our invitation letter extended to them, to stop the practice of evaluating financial status to granted a visitor’s visa to our relatives and instead ask the person living in Canada to demonstrate his/her ability to financially cover the trip under this program, not the invitee. It also ask for more details to be provided when a visitor visa is denied, explaining the reasons why the visitor’s visa can’t be granted. Using financial excuses is not longer acceptable.

The petition also propose a mechanism for both parties, the person inviting and the invitee, to sing a legal agreement that will explain they are visiting Canada with the soled purpose to stay in our country for the duration of the visitor´s visa extended, not allowing them to apply for any other immigration programs during its visit. Failing to follow this will disallow the person inviting to participate in this program in the future and also the deportation of the visitor, based on the previously signed document.

This petition is focused on Visitor’s visa, an important topic for those living here with families and friends outside our borders.


Following is the original Petition to our Parliament.  ( The parliament website doesn’t allow more than 250 words total, what limits its capacity to express on details,  but you can read it here as it is.

Whereas :

·         Our country was founded under the influence and affluence of immigrants from all parts of the world. Canada is a place where we all can live and raise our families in peace, with equal rights and opportunities, without being discriminated against for our social status, race or economic situation, under the  guarantees set out in our Constitution;


·         Our Canadian Human Rights Act expresses in its Purpose that it is a principle that all individuals should have an opportunity equal with other individuals to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have and to have their needs accommodated, consistent with their duties and obligations as members of society, without being hindered or prevented from doing so by discriminatory practices based on race, national or ethnic origin, among other reasons;


·         It is very common in our country to find families divided by our borders, families and friends that, for different circumstances and humanitarian reasons, have been a part for several years. It is also very common that the same Canada that once guaranteed  and respected our political status and beliefs, and the same immigration system that once was very generous to us, is now an obstacle to meet our family and friends in Canada, by imposing requirements to our relatives outside the country that in many cases are impossible to achieve, denying  to all of us the chance to be with our loved ones.


Therefore :

We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship to:

evaluate and implement, with the approval of our Parliament, the following three proposed changes to our visitor’s visa program, in order to facilitate, and in many cases to enable, the efforts of citizens to invite relatives and friends, without being continuously denied the right to meet with them, and also to prevent our immigration system from labelling our loved ones as strangers or opportunistic people:
1.  the Invitation Letter, written and signed by a Canadian citizen currently living in Canada and extended to friends or relatives living outside of our borders, will be considered legitimate based on its sincere intentions and trusted by our immigration system as a document that truly expresses the intentions of the visitor to our country.
2.  the economic conditions, political believes and country of origin of the invitee won’t be considered as a deterrent factor when evaluating his/her prospect to visit our country. The Canadian resident inviting, should demonstrate and provide his/her ability to cover all the expenses of the person visiting.
3. Both parties, the Canadian Citizen extending an invitation and the invitee, will sign an agreement that prohibits the visitor to stay in our country once the visitor visa has expired and/or to apply for any other immigration program or any type of asylum during his/her visit. Failing to do so will prevent the parties from taking  advantage of this visitor’s program in the future, and will prevent the visitor from acquiring visitor’s visa for further trips to Canada.