How to create your own e_petition?

In case you would like to bring to our Parliament your own e_petition, here you will learn how to create one, a copy or a version of my e_petition to our Minister of Immigration. It is important that you do this because If we all start sending our e_petitions to our parliament, they will have not other choice but to start listening tu us!.

We elected them and we pay their salaries, they work for us, so here we go, is not that difficult and it doesn’t take too long.

What is a petition to our parliament ? 

Is a mechanism for the residents of this country to bring to our parliament a problem that is important for us and require attention.

so, what is the different between a paper petition and an electronic e_petition?

If I knew this when this all started, I will had saved few hours!. A paper petition is created with the help of your local MP’s office. Is a document, approved by the government to meets the “parliamentarian language”, and once is ok, is ready to collect supporting signatures.

You can see that when you are referring to a problem that is affecting all residents of the country, is also very impractical to collect signatures. Usually the signatures for a paper petition are around your local MP’s office.

An e_petition instead is online, hosted on the House of Common’s website. Everybody interested on it can sign to it in support ( and for that reason is kind of powerful ).  I will show you here how to create your own e_petition.

As step number one, you will need to know 5 emails from people ( Canadians ) that will originally support your e_petition. You will only need 4 if you allow me to be one of them. Here is my information :

Name : Diego

Last Name : Cobian

email :


Visit and create an account. ( open the link on a different browser’s tab, so you can keep reading this page )

Once you have an account, login and create your e_petition as follow ( you can just copy and paste from here )

PETITION TO THE ( select from the menu )

Minister of

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship


  1. Our country was founded under the influence and affluence of immigrants from all parts of the world.

  2. Our Canadian Human Rights Act expresses in its Purpose that it is a principle that all individuals should have an opportunity equal with other individuals to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have and to have their needs accommodated, consistent with their duties and obligations as members of society, without being hindered or prevented from doing so by discriminatory practices based on race, national or ethnic origin, among other reasons;

  3. It is very common in our country to find families divided by our borders, families and friends that had been a part for several years



Citizens of Canada


CALL UPON THE ( select from the menu )

Minister of

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship


Evaluate and implement the following three proposed changes to our visitor’s visa program, in order to facilitate, and in many cases to enable, the efforts of citizens to invite relatives and friends.
1.  The Invitation Letter, will be considered legitimate based on its sincere intentions and trusted by our immigration system as a document that truly expresses the intentions of the visitor to our country;
2.  The economic conditions, political believes and country of origin of the invitee won’t be considered as a deterrent factor when evaluating his/her prospect to visit our country. The Canadian resident inviting, should demonstrate and provide his/her ability to cover all the expenses of the person visiting.
3. Both parties, will sign an agreement that prohibits the visitor to stay in our country once the visitor visa has expired.


( Please notice that the space reserved for e_petitions is not too big. Only 250 words max hmm, what convenient! ), so you can ran out of space very easily. Some editing may be required if you would like to write the e_petition on your own words.

Then enter your 5 initial suportes contact information and choose your sponsor, normally your local MP. You can find your MP as showing below. ( simply scroll down to FIND and enter your postal code ).

and submit your petition, DONE! ( it wasn’t that hard, was it? )

It is very important that you refer to your MP by email and make reference to this website, just because the space on the e_petitions is so small, he may want to read the original petition and what it is all about.

Include this link if you consider it pertinent.

And Please let me know, I will definitely support your e_petition and let others also to know so they can support it as well. I have a list of few people interested.