Jagmeet Singh

( I wrote to Singh looking for support for my petition while he was running to be the leader of NDP, he never answer my letter neither had show any interest on the results of the petition. He may very well wing the 2018 by-elections on my ride but I think we are just hiring somebody to work in Ottawa. Is kind of a favor. Elizabeth May in the other hand was a really dissapointment by not running a green candidated. )

Oct/29 2018

Hi Rob I am not sure what Trudeau is afraid of but I don’t have the best experience with Kennedy as my MP and I don’t think we in Burnaby South are in the HR business of hiring people to work in parliament, so Singh won’t have my vote in any case. We should elect local members of our community to represent us in Parliament. That in my experience is on our best interest.

May, in the other hand, had decided to take my vote away by not running a representative of the GP of Canada. I am not sure why we need to facilitate things for the NDP to win by-elections but I am really piss off whith her decision and considering voting in future elections for somebody else instead of GPC.
Elizabeth, you have no right and you should not manipulate my right to vote for who i consider represent my best interest on Parliament. Environment is my priority number one, not increasing the population of Canada to 50 millions either exploiting our Natural Resources for the benefit of few people already rich enough. With your decision you are not only leaving the environment  aside as a political liability but also taking away my right to vote and you should not.
Hope i have been very clear,
Sorry for my english, is not my first language, but this instead is my favorite piece of land in this planet.
On Oct 29, 2018, at 19:55, Rob Nagai <rob@burnabysouthndp.ca> wrote:

Sometimes I’m left scratching my head wondering what this Prime Minister is afraid of.

Kennedy Stewart announced in May that he would be contesting the Vancouver election.  Jagmeet Singh committed to Burnaby South in August.  Now it’s the end of October and Trudeau still has not called the by-election.1

If you want to see a by-election that should put Jagmeet into the Federal Parliament now’s the time to demand a by-election in Burnaby South.2

Here in Burnaby South we’re ready for a campaign.  Our campaign office is open at 6929 Royal Oak Avenue and Jagmeet’s supporters are already out campaigning.

Please join us in demanding Justin Trudeau call a by-election in Burnaby South now.

Thank you,

Rob Nagai
Riding President for Jagmeet Singh
Burnaby South NDP