Justin Trudeau

My communication with our Primer Minister was as expected one way only. They consider they had done their duties once they knowledge and-or answer your question. Here is my communication with the office of Justin.


Jan/4/2019 ( China time )

Good day Justin,

With apprehension i had been following the news related to the situation going on in between China and Canada, related to the detention of the executive from Hawueii.

Me and my family are currently in China, Hangzhou in order for me to invite and meet my sister and brothers in this 3er country since they are not welcome at home, in BC. Today the count of detentions for Canadians nationals in China has raised to 13, as far as the news goes and we are concern about the development of this issue, specially because we are in the middle of the preparation for my family to be invited to China.

I understand your position but please notice that I had to quit my job and my kid the school and rent out my home in order to meet my family here since the denial of our government to trust my invitation of visa visit extended from me to my family. I created a petition to our parliament, ask for help to my MP, I think I had done all on my power to avoid where I am now and to call the attention of our government over this issue. Now i am in the middle of a situation that just make our trip jeopardized and the chance to meet my family more difficult, not to mention other more serious outcome. I had been an opened critic of the government of Habana, and write articles of opinion to newspapers in past about the situation on my country. I wish I could just take an airplane and visit home but I had never been back in 20 years and you and Ahmed are not helping.

The reason of my letter is to let you know what can get wrong when we don’t take the right decisions and expose our citizens to the limit for the sake of political convenience.

We have no plans to return until I can meet my family but we are very concern.

Please notice that I am sending copy of this letter to our embassy in Havana, Oliphant and Ahmed.

Diego Cobian



Hi Bredeson. I had wait until now before sharing this letter with others, to be sure Justin and Ahmed have the time to read my petition and answer to me with any solution or suggestion that they could consider pertinent in this matter, but I think both of them are under the impression that they had done their diligent, if any, and nothing else is required about it at this time.


In your answer to my letter on August 1st, you sent copy to Ahmed, or minister of immigration. I am now sending copy to my MP’s office, to Jenny Kwan and also to Robert Oliphant because at some point they were involved in this discussion, but also because I am sure many others has this same problem and find themselves hopeless upon the prohibition of our immigration system to allow us to invite our relatives to visit us here, as well as disappointed with the lack of trust that our government has on us and the intention of our invitation letter extended to our invitees.


I am also sending CC to our Canadian embassy in Habana because they need to know the repercussion that their decisions has on the citizens of this country.


I am preparing to leave the country to meet my relatives in China, where my partner is from, paying over $10,000.00 in tickets and accommodations because the refusal of Canada on welcome my family here to visit, even for a very short time. The fact that Ahmed is denying their visitors visas because they are poor and from a third country is very problematic and for that reason I want this discussion not to end here. I will reserve my right and the opportunity to share our correspondence with others any time that the immigration subject is raise on the media or when on our next elections, another NDP wants to try our ride to wind a seat on our Parliament. Is my opinion that NDP had done the very minimum they could had done to support me and to find a solution. The fact that I never had the bless of Jenny or Oliphant either on this was a unpleasant surprise and a great disappointment, and please be sure that Justin get that. The fact that our minister of immigration is an immigrant itself and can’t understand what my problem is, just tell me that our politicians have forgot the real mining of their positions that is to represent our problems and to find solutions. That is why they are elected on the first place.


Just remember guys , if you bring immigrants to this country, and I am one of them and very please to live here, they will have needs and a voice to demand for those needs, I am using my today and it looks like I am screaming but nobody wants to listen.


Great day M.

Diego Cobian




From: Prime Minister/Premier Ministre
Sent: Wednesday, August 1, 2018 09:46
To: Diego Cobian
Cc: Ahmed D. Hussen, P.C.,M.P.
Subject: Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre


Dear Mr. Cobian:


On behalf of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your email regarding Canada’s immigration, visitor and refugee policies.


You may be assured that your comments have been carefully considered. While the Prime Minister is unable to reply personally to all of his mail, he is advised of the opinions offered and issues raised by Canadians in their correspondence.


I have taken the liberty of forwarding your email to the Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, who, I am certain, will appreciate being made aware of your views.


Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister.




  1. Bredeson

Executive Correspondence Officer

for the Prime Minister’s Office

Agent de correspondance

de la haute direction pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre



Original letter from me

From : Diego Cobian  d.cobian@outlook.com      Received : 24  Jul  2018 06:15:56 AM   >>>


>>>   Subject : an immigrant in Canada ( E-1591 )   >>>>


Great day Justin,

As my petition to our parliament comes to its end, I like to write to you in the last hope that the time and the intentions of its effort won’t go wasted and ignored. The process of putting this petition together was my way of, bringing to the attention of our minister of immigration and by extension to you, a problem that has special importance to me and probably to many others as well, including Ahmed himself. Even though the amount of signatures collected to support it wasn’t numerous, it doesn’t necessarily represent the number of Canadians with the same problem. More than anything they are the result of the amount of time that I had available to support it and the lack of resources to expand it and let others know about it. Our democracy allows the creation of petitions to our parliament but then stores them in a place that has no promotion or advertisement for others to know of their existence. Consequently, many of them have expired completely ignored without being able to make any difference.

During the duration of my petition I have received numerous emails with questions and concern from those few people that had have the chance to find out about its existence. Some of them won’t believe that a petition is the way to find answers from our government since they will just ignore it and by that extension, it is not the way to promote changes. Others believe that we should be gracious about the decision of our immigration system and accept that our relatives are not welcome to visit us in our county. The visa to Canada is a ‘privilege’ they say. Neither group answers why it has to be this way or why we should just accept those rules imposed upon us without questioning if there is any other alternative or solution to improve them to our benefit.

Petition E-1591 https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-1591 was supported by my local NDP MP Kennedy Stewart but I don’t think he will table the petition in the House of Commons or do anything else to promote it because I hardly had his consent about its subject and never had his heart on this matter. Also the lack of support of NDP Jenny Kwan who is the immigration critic was a great disappointment in the process, especially after having been referred to her as a person of interest. Even Liberal Robert Oliphant, who is the chair of the committee on immigration, follows Jenny’s leadership. They both considered that the petition was focused on an impossible demand, failing to address and understand my problem while suggesting a different subject to a successful petition. That is the way our politicians tend to represent us this days, diverting our problems to their more convenient points, while ignoring what we are asking them to take care of and produce results about. Our politicians seem to focus on their professionals careers once elected, with the style of a dancer who slides over the fragile icy surface of our problems, being very careful not to break  through and get muddy with its content.

That was pretty much the answer that I got from Ahmed after I twitted him about the petition. ( If you are interested, you can read all the correspondence related to the petition here <https://online-petition.blog/&gt; . ) It is disappointing that been an immigrant himself, he has decided to join forces with those that consider too much work to do and maybe even too risky for too little political gain, to accommodate or at least to evaluate the suggestion proposed by this petition, in order for our immigration system to accommodate everyone, including the immigrants already living in Canada. Justin, we need a different mechanism that has a better resolution to distinguish in between those that want to invite a relative to visit our homes and those that want to abuse our visa programs. By putting everyone conveniently in the same basket we are hurting people that has nothing but honest intentions on their purposes. You opened our south border to all refugees in US that would like to take advantage of that opportunity, you was elected under the promise to bring here 25 thousand refugees from the middle east to live in this country  and at the same time you and Ahmed denied visitor’s visa to my relatives to visit me for a week?, That hurts Justin because I have done nothing else in Canada but work hard and be a good citizen. That decision of our immigration system against me erode our relationship of trust for each other, and by that I mean the government and me, by denying me something that I consider I deserve. The right to invite my family to visit my home, even if they are poor and from a 3er world country.

I haven’t seemed my brother and sisters for almost 20 years and you are denying me that chance by keeping us apart for your own political and administrative convenience. I am writing this letter to you to let you and Ahmed know that you could do better and there is not excuses for either of you to dismiss this subject as an impossible, simple because is a problem that you can’t identify with. I know that is not your fault that the situation in Cuba won’t allow me to visit them there but in Canada you can definitely make the difference. If we don’t improve our immigration system and find new mechanisms to satisfy the demands of the immigrants living here, this country could become the land of ‘nobody cares’, where only those with money and power can expect been heard and get results from our politicians. That is a country without future Justin, a country with a monkey rattling the cage and nobody listening or caring, a country getting ready for a revolution that will restructure fairness and equality but believe me Justin, social revolutions are to be avoided at all cost. They are not solution for anybody but for opportunism to flourish and civil liberties to dry out. It takes decades for a society submerged under one of those social storms to comeback for a gasp of air to the surface of freedom and stability, I know that very well because I was born in the middle of one. Bringing immigrants here is not the end of the game, you will also need to take care of their requirements once settled.

I don’t want to go into details of what the petition suggest in its content, it is all explained in it as best as I could have done it with my level of English. I apologize for all my mistakes by using it by the way. My French is even worse. But I want to mention to you and Ahmed one detail about this visitor’s visa process that is very outrageous to me and disenchanting for its lack of fairness. We have a consulate in Habana precisely for Canada to understand the circumstances of the people living in Cuba and their relationship with this country and with their relatives living here, amount other things. Ahmed is asking my family as a condition to visit Canada for ‘history travel’ and ‘proof of solvency’ and ‘proof of properties’ in a country where just until recently was almost impossible to get you in an airplane or to have any private properties at all or live with more than the equivalent of $20.00 CAD dollars a month as a regular salary. My concern is :  why do we need a consulate in a foreign country if it is so out of touch with its reality?. Why are we using so unfair tactics to discriminated against our relatives invited to visit us and classified them as NOT WELCOME HERE just for been poor and living under the wrong political system? Why you question my invitation letter and consider it not trustworthy when it expressing my real intentions? Do you have any excuses to denied visa to my family other than is ‘high risk”? wherever that means, to keep us from seem each other? Because they are definitely not going to damage Canada in any way. In fact, they are not going to pay for anything here, and that includes their airplane ticket and the food and their medical insurance. I will, with the salary that I earn working, after paying my taxes and the salary of both of you and the functionaries working at our Cuban embassy. This days I am preparing to go to another country from whom I actually has nothing but a visitor’s visa myself, using the offer of a friend to invite my family and me there in order to meet my sisters and latter on my brother, but I am doing it with my heart broken and without understanding WHY the country where I have and raise my kids and my Canadian family won’t believe on me and discriminate against me for not having more than a regular checking account in my wallet to show them.

Our land, the land of many first nations for thousand of years, the land of the Queen in our recent history, the land where we all go on every day with our own business, with our smiles and frustrations, with our differences and believes, can be also the land where we all work for the benefit of all of us as a Canadian family. A country where we all take care of the problems of each other and each problem is of our most concern, specially if somebody had been elected to find solutions for those problems. Not only the economy is necessary to keeps a country running, is also the genuine interest of its leaders on supporting and understand the needs of its citizens and finding solutions for them. If we allow something as trivial as money divided us and classify us on casts with different rights and different privileges, creating unfairness and division in between us, our kids Justin, yours and mine, as already happened in the past with races or colonization, will have to crawl back to the surface of reality the hole that we are digging into their future with our lack of interest. I really believe that we can do better, and we should do better and that start by challenging what is unfair and simplistic and doesn’t accommodate all as equals.

Hope you had find time to read my letter and understand it. If instead is just some officer from your office who read it, please don’t reply to me. I don’t need a pat on my shoulder but action and interest in this matter. I know where I am standing and what I am saying.

I will also like to send copy of this letter to the parts mentioned in it, one week after you have received at your office, if that is ok with you.

Sorry again for my English

Diego Cobian

Burnaby, BC